Calendar - Public Stops

Doors usually open 11.30am-2pm unless stated in twitter live tweets otherwise



01/26 -- Lunch -- 3300 Warner blvd. Burbank


01/27 -- Lunch -- South Weddington Park on Bluffside Dr. Studio city


01/28 -- Lunch -- South Weddington Park on Bluffside Dr. Studio city


01/29 --  Lunch -- South Weddington Park on Bluffside Dr. Studio city


01/30 --  Lunch -- South Weddington Park on Bluffside Dr. Studio city



*Calendar updated periodically.  

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"No Ordinary Street Food"

           Thailand is labeled "paradise" not only for its breathtaking beauty and inspiring culture, but also for its culinary brilliance. From adrenaline-rush Bangkok to serene seaside towns in the South and tranquil villages located along the Mekong River, Thai cuisine is as rich and diverse as its culture. Uniquely crafted to appeal to all tastes, Thai food combines best of flavours, textures, colours and presentations. Adding this to the country's liberal supply of ancient cooking secrets and the Thai hospitality and you'll find a culinary treasure trove that offers enriching and memorable experience.


"Street food is becoming the hottest thing in Los Angeles and the funny thing is I grew up with street food since I was a little girl.

In Thailand, you can find fresh cooked meals almost anywhere and anytime from the street vendors. But here in LA, Thai food is mostly found in sit down restaurants which sometimes is not convenient, especially during hectic lunch hours. 'Streets of Thailand' food truck will bring the legendary street food of our country to the sidewalk near you... Enjoy!"



- Patty, Founder of Streets of Thailand -                       

Ex-recording artist, newspaper editor, Thai TV Host  turned Entrepreneur.



 "The only diet I've ever been on is 'See Food' diet. I've travelled the world and in turn I've tried many different dishes. Some were absolutely amazing and then there were some I would rather not comment on. I guess my taste buds stay Thai even though I grew up in the States! 

I'd like to thank our grandparents and our parents for passing down these awesome recipes... and thank you all for not being afraid to add a little spice in your life."

- Jimmy, Founder of Streets of Thailand -                                  

Ex- US Navy Aviation Engineer turned Entrepreneur.